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Welcome to Elizabeth Henderson Art Work. This is my Online gallery!

   I had a real Art Gallery before I moved to Washington State.  I loved the interaction with other artists as well as the people who came to look or buy.  When I moved I thought why do I need a storefront when I can do the same with people globally simply by taking my art online.  So the Elizabeth Henderson Gallery is here for everyone to view from the comfort of their home.  Art work has become a real passion of mine; viewing it, making it or teaching art work.  Please view my gallery; if you find something you really like contact me and we can work out the delivery of your art.

 Teaching Art

Teaching art is something I enjoy because when you see someone bring their thought to fruition it is a beautiful thing.  Art Work no matter how simple or complicated is all about how it makes you feel.  Art makes everyone unique, however, throughout time some artists have been able to inspire more people than most.  We call these people the masters, because they have mastered the art of making more people FEEL their work than others.


Master Artists 

Pablo Picasso:

” Every Child is an artist; The problem is staying an artist when you grow up”

Leonardo Da Vinci:

“The artists sees what others only catch a glimpse of”

Vincent Van Gogh:

“I dream of painting then I paint my dream”


“Art is not what you see but what you make others see”

Wassily Kandinsky:

“Color Is a Super Power Which Directly Influences the Soul”

Elizabeth Henderson:

“To create artwork you must first love; most great artwork started with a love of something or someone. So paint with passion first, and skill second to do it the other way will never portray FEELING.