Online Art Work 

 Here at the Elizabeth Henderson Online Art work gallery; I am an artist!  Enjoy making art, displaying art, talking about art, and sharing art.  I guess that makes me an art dealer.  Actually I had my own gallery with a store front.  I loved the interaction of people coming to visit and look at the art work hanging on the wall.  On display at the gallery was Art work by many artists. When I moved to Washington state, I was not able to bring my store with me; the movers just refused to pack up the brick and mortar for some reason.   

Our Goal is Art Work

  The goal of this web site is to provide you with some entertainment; a break from work, work and more work.  The Art work currently displayed in the gallery is by Elizabeth.  So enjoy browsing the site leave some feedback so we can improve.  If you find something you like we can arrange for shipping, if there is some subject of art work  you would like that you don’t see I might be able to paint something for that one spot in your home that needs something to fit. 

Talent or not?

Some of you may not think you have talent, or at least the kind to make art.  I will tell you many more DO have talent than those who think so.  Sometimes you just have to engage that side of your brain to get moving.  The best way to to look at art and ask yourself; What do i like about this art?  Why does it inspire me?  Why does it NOT inspire me.  That is what you need to do and soon you will be able to find your talent.


You Found our art works Online

  If you found us it was probably not by accident.  So please enjoy and don’t forget to let us know you were here.  By leaving a comment we can always try to improve the site, art content, or if you have a question I can blog an answer everyone can read.  Let others know about our gallery so they too can enjoy the art works displayed.  Let’s make this a journey for as many people as we can find to bring their joy, and love; as well their inspirations.  Thanks again for stopping by.  

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Best regards From:

Elizabeth Henderson

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Visual Art Display

When you visit the Gallery you can view past and present art work right here online, I created for everyone’s pleasure.  As we move forward we will be adding paintings online from myself and other artists as they create their own art work to display.

Inspiration Works

Check out the About section for a little knowledge and entertainment.  We know from experience that inspiration is the key to all artwork.  And a love of the subjects maes each work a piece of art.

Our Blog

When I get a little bold I will add to the blog something entertaining as well as informative.  The initial Blog contains some nice quotes.